Operational Support

Achieve a reliable and efficient implementation of your fleet management with our Full Service Fleet Management services.

We offer two ways to support you:


The solution to your occupancy problem

Companies often have, expectedly or unexpectedly, a temporary need for external support. Think of an important project for which additional employees are needed, unforeseen leave or absence of an important member of the team, a change, improvement or reversal that an expert must support. Dragintra offers a solution for such cases. We make the difference with the quality and motivation of our people, who understand their profession. As long as your project lasts, they are there for you.

Being part of the customer's team is an absolute prerequisite for success for us. Working on a solution together with our colleagues and sharing our knowledge ensures the best result. To do this, we call on our own Fleet Managers or look at the possibilities within our network.

Advantages of our interim-fleet managers are:

 They can fill a temporary shortage of employees in your department and carry out strategic tasks where necessary,
 Our people are flexible in their deployment and location,
 They are independent with specific expertise.

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Outsourcing your fleet management tasks

More focus on core activities, cost savings and improving service quality. These are the main reasons for companies to outsource services. By outsourcing the fleet to Dragintra, the service is in good hands. With us you can count on experience with outsourcing and a transparent and reliable service that is fully in line with your objective, policy and organizational culture.

We act according to a fixed step-by-step plan to set up and implement our outsourcing services completely for you.

These are fixed components:

• Analysis of current situation and activities
 Choice of services
 Compose customer team
 Furnishing of services
 Transition period

"By working with a customer team, we guarantee the quality of our services as we have agreed with you. Clear lines of communication and processes, agreement is agreement"

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This service is a unique combination of our outsourcing services and Fleet Management software. This enables us to relieve you of operational Fleet Management tasks and to support you in achieving objectives and continuity in your activities.