The support on a tactical and strategic level can be realized by our specialists. They have an average of more than 15 years of experience in the industry and know what is going on in the dynamic automotive industry. By empathizing with your problems and specific company culture, they will always find the right solution to your problems and your assignment will be completed from advice to implementation.

Verification & Validation of lease contracts

For a long time, you have been using the contract with your leasing company(ies). Has your supplier fulfilled its contractual obligations?

ADVICE -  Based on the agreements, our consultants check calculations and statements of account. The basis for carrying out this check is the master agreement and price agreements. These agreements are checked on the basis of a representative sample.

IMPLEMENTATION- The results are discussed with you and presented to your suppliers. If necessary, deviations will be corrected in consultation.

Fleet & Proces Scan

ADVICE - What are your organization's objectives in terms of cost development, employee satisfaction and reducing your carbon footprint? Within the scope of the vehicle fleet, our consultants make an inventory of your current situation in relation to your 'common' objectives and make a clear translation into concrete solutions. We do this with the Fleet & Process Scan.

IMPLEMENTATION- Of course, our consultants can also support the implementation of the proposed solutions.
Think of support as:

  • Writing and implementing your car scheme
  • Executing or supervising procurement strategies
  • Setting up the administrative management organisation

Procurement & supplier selection

ADVICE - How did you set up the cooperation with your suppliers and how did you guarantee the services and rates? Our consultants make an inventory and assess your current contracts, purchasing strategy and services. On the basis of a benchmark, we provide you with insight into the possibilities that you can realise by tendering, for example:

  • Leasing company
  • Brand policy
  • Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Rental

IMPLEMENTATION - Leasing is a complex financial product with a wide range of services. That is why it is important that the results of your negotiations are clearly recorded. Our consultants are familiar with the rules involved in a European tender, conduct negotiations and record these in a Price & Service Level Agreement. In this way, there will be no misunderstandings in the future. As a subject matter expert, we can also join your project team and provide you with the right knowledge and skills to carry out a tender.

Operational & Administrative management model

ADVICE - How many employees are currently involved in the operational management of your fleet? How do you understand the results and your risks? Our consultants make an inventory and assess the processes and recordings within your organisation. They make it clear to you which part of the work you can outsource to third parties and which you will continue to do yourself. This gives you more control over your supplier, drivers, risks and costs.

IMPLEMENTATION - Based on your choices, our consultants will support you in setting up a new management organisation. You choose what you want to continue to do yourself and what you want to outsource to, for example, the leasing company. We will help you choose the right supplier and management system and set up reports in such a way that they are in line with your financial and payroll administration.